A mindful traveller, perpetual wanderer, part time meditator and newbie blogger

Welcome. This is Anthonee’s world.

For the past two years I have been both a traveller and English teacher. Now, I am a traveller slash teacher slash newbie blogger. Hopefully if you are reading this you have read the story and know some background behind Inspiredbykrissi.com. I will hopefully bring together all the ideas I have had in the past, plus more, into one amaaaaazin, honest, personal blog about life, travel and my curly-wurly hair. A life blog that will inspire others to travel, not just from country to country and city to city, but inspire others to travel within themselves, within their very own world.

After perusing, following and checking out many blogs, I am now going to confess a few things that contradicts me becoming a ‘successful’ blogger. The general travel blogger slash digital nomad slash collector of adventures is equipped with techno-gadgets like no other. Unfortunately, I am not a gadget freak and only possess a small netbook, an iPod (that I can barely use) and a small feeble point and shoot camera. My mobile phone was 600B from Thailand (with a built in torch, I must mention) and I get extremely confuzzled when it comes to anything beginning with the lowercase ‘i’. In fact, only a few months ago I was being mocked by Jack, my eleven year old nephew, because I was unable to operate an iPhone with any reasonable competence.

Apart from lacking in gadgets, I also do not see myself as much of a writer. Writing is a large part of blogging and I understand this isn’t the best combo. But…..

I am creative,

honest, open,

quirky, weirdy

and I love to share.

These, I feel, are somewhat more important than knowing my tenses from my clauses. I have high hopes that this will slowly improve with the more posts I write, along with some constructive feedback of the good, the bad and the ugly kind. Feedback that will be warmly received with open arms.

Anthonee views writing to be having an opinion, idea, story or any kind of scribble from within my world and putting it out there. Ultimately, it is sharing our own individual worlds with the worlds of others. Sharing in my own individual style, I can do.

In fact, I want to.

Over the past two years I have been a collector of experiences within Southeast Asia, taking my footsteps to Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia and many parts of Thailand, especially my beloved North and in my mind, real Thailand. My attitudes and values on the way have transformed since I first set foot in Thailand early two thousand and nine. This was filled with Moon parties and drunken nights at Reggae bars in Chiang Mai, and I guess, with a few temples here and there. Now, I travel for the people, for the culture, for the experience and not just for the top ten listed things in your lonely planet (although, I do have a bucketlist). I now crave for experience and not just photos of iconic structures or beautiful beaches, but how people, both travellers and locals, add a special something to them. I’m not a travel planner or one for using a travel agent and I try my best to travel the country in the shoes of the locals. Getting from here to there or there to here can be as much fun as the destination. Personally, for me, its the bus journeys and the train stations that the fun, unique stories can unexpectedly spring from nowhere. As a traveller, and i’m sure many of you understand, it is these small unique stories that I thrive to collect. Innit?

This change in attitude, along with the journey life forcefully embarked me upon around 6 months ago has taught me lesson after lesson, experience after experience and this is one thing that life has dealt me that many people will never have the chance to to experience. I am using all my energies ensuring this potential ‘breakdown’ moment turns into a ‘breakthrough‘. In doing so, I have gained much wisdom, understanding and inspiration and I want to share it. It’s yours if you wannit!

For the first time in 28 years of living in my world; I understand life. I appreciate life and I am now beginning to love life.

This is a blog about two worlds. The first is the one we all are getting to know through our passion for travel and experience. The second world is the rarely visited; Anthonee’s world. It is time to open up this world to people in order to inspire change, acceptance, and love for people, the world and yourselves. I am on a journey within this fun, quirky, simple, yet often complex world and I want to share it. I want to share my life lessons with you just as much as my travel tips or recommendations as to where to find Chiang Mai’s best chicken curry and what travel insurance gives you a free pen.

This is the primary goal of my blog. I want to inspire. Inspire readers to travel, break out from the norm, eat the orange, cope with change, but most of all I want to inspire readers to love life the way Krissi taught and inspired me to. Her passion for travel was like no other person I had met. The excitement would explode inside her as she arrives in a new country, meets new people and eats new, weird and wonderful food.

This blue-eyed Scorpio loved life.

In October 2009 she started inspiring me to also love life, more than I did already! She convinced me to book flights to Thailand when I should have been studying for my final year dissertation and she convinced me to book flights to join her in Thailand and become this teacher slash traveller I am today. I grew to not only love life and travel, but my love for my ‘blue morpho’ grew with every roadtrip around Thailand, with every sunset we watched, with every dive in the ‘big blue’ and with every moment we were together.

Now, she is not here.

But, the day Krissi left me on her new adventures, her inspiration and passion for life and travel had already been absorbed deep into my heart and soul. With the help of this blog, me, Anthonee and I want to perpetuate this inspiration in hope that others will start living their momentary life all the way to the very brim.

This blog is the heart, the soul and the mind of Anthonee, but is one hundred percent inspired by Krissi.

In a nutshell, I guess what I am trying to say is,

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my world.

I hope you enjoy it.

PS If ya do…. Like me, follow me, tweet me, facebook me for my stories and ponderings


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