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Riding the waves of beautiful pain

This was a recent Facebook status of mine and after re-reading it, I have seen some wisdom’ness within. It is my surfing analogy of the acceptance of emotional pain.

I am new in this vast, unpredictableness. They consistently come. They come unexpectedly and without warning. They sometimes come slow and weak, but often hard, powerful and strong.

You are blind to their beauty.

They overwhelm you as you try and control them. Try and control them, they crush you. Try and negotiate them, they crush you. There is no control. There is no negotiation. It is inevitable they will come. They are coming. They are powerful, you are weak. Weak, until you learn to ride with them.

Do not fight them, do not fear them, but respect them. Find acceptance of this powerful blue. Whether big, small, powerful or weak, ride each one with acceptance and with no fear

It is only then you will see and feel their beauty for what they really are.



…is either a daring adventure or nothingHelen Keller

Take this butterfly below for example. The butterfly knows and understands it is vulnerable the moment it breaks free from the enclosed space of its cocoon.

Yet, it flutters free from the protected green into the vast blueness of the sky. Of course the chance of something terrible happening to the butterfly increases. However, imagine being a butterfly and trapped away from the blue only to be covered by the dark green with very little room to spread your beautiful wings.

The butterfly is not living, it is just existing. Spread your wings and break free from your cocoon. Break free from your green. Fly into the blueness and experience this amazing world we live in.


Compared to this universe, your life is a mere moment.